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Psychologist, Sexologoist, Psychotherapy, Couple Counselor

Christina Kalogianni, M.A. & M.Sc.
Psychologist, Sexologoist, Psychotherapy, Couple Counselor


Due to the modern way of life, everybody faces psychological tensions.

Of course not everybody needs psychological support. However, many want to learn techniques that will help them to understand and control their mind. This is exactly what the relaxation techniques and meditation offer. For those of you who want to empower the positive side of yourself and transform the negative side, yoga lessons are given in a beautiful and specially designed place in Pilea, Thessaloniki (Greece).

Over the last few years, psychological research has begun to discover the possibilities available through the practice of yoga in the healing of psychosomatic illnesses and the development of hidden potential. Techniques of this kind are used by most psychotherapists today.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning control or union. Yoga is the science that give us the tools to understand and control ourselves, to become one with our higher selves. It sounds complicated but it is not. The only demands are the right guidance and systematic practice.

Starting with a few minutes of simple practice, you can learn to concentrate and recognize the functions of your body, emotions and mind. Once you understand how you function as a whole, you can discover how you can change your physical condition, and thus change the way you feel and think. This way, you can avoid unpleasant thoughts, emotions and behaviors that can lead you to uncomfortable situations.

Each lessonís duration is one and a half hours and consists of:

- A five minute relaxation to help the mind concentrate more on the present. This starting relaxation is necessary in order to fully benefit from the following practices.
- One hour of practices, including physical and breathing exercises. These exercises are specially designed to help you unlock all tensions in your body and mind.
- A twenty minutes relaxation technique, that deeply relaxes the mind and helps you get rid of any negative thoughts and emotions.

During the lesson, matters of psychosomatic illnesses are discussed and you will get instructions to help you overcome such difficulties.

The lessons take place at Pilea, Thessaloniki (Greece), and are easily accessible by buses 58 (Panorama) or 11 (Pilea). For the time being, the group lessons are given in Greek, but there are possibilities to take private lessons in English or, if you have friends who are also interested, you can form your own group. Just call me on (0030) 6974735896 to discuss the details.